Hola, My name is Raj (naam toh suna hoga..) short for Rajvinder Kaur, I am a budget traveller. Travelling is the one thing I can’t live without. I travel mostly Solo or with my brother, left so many jobs for travelling, last job was the only job, where I could manage my travels but lost it because of the pandemic.

I am an Actor, Anchor, A French language teacher, A certified Yog teacher & Mountaineer, I love all the species, Mountains feels like home, but the irony is – I’m scared of heights haha. Letting you inside my world & head through words.

A fun fact about me; I’m not good with words & bad at sharing, & here I’m going to do exactly that, another Irony? or just tired of holding in, for so long?

Welcome to the kaleidoscopic world of my mad-house perspective!!!

Awarajogan (: